What are tradelines People are often confused about what tradelines are. The answer to “what are tradelines” is simply this… it’s just another word for “account” on your report. The term “tradelines” is a financial industry term for an account. Usually, this refers to an account appearing on someone’s credit report.

Tradelines are perceived as a secret tool to quickly increase your credit score. This is especially true in the face of a credit profile adversely affected by negative items, such as late payments, charge offs, etc. 

 So, what are Tradelines? 

As discussed above, any account appearing on your credit report is a tradeline. Whether it is good or bad, your collective tradelines make up your credit report. The information from your creditors regarding each account (otherwise known as a tradelines) is collected by the major credit bureaus, Experian, Equifax and Transunion.

What are Seasoned Tradelines? Seasoned tradelines is a term mostly describing the addition of an authorized user account on your credit report. Obviously, the intent is to have a seasoned account (an account with perfect payment history over an extended period of time) added to your credit report. This account will have a positive impact on your credit report given its great history and perfect credit posture. There are many tradeline companies on the internet, it is best to work with someone who has knowledge of these companies to avoid scams.

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