Any audit of your credit should begin with a review of your credit report. An acceptable credit score is one of the most important requirements for being approved for credit. RCC will audit all three credit bureaus FOR FREE. TransUnion, Equifax and Experian. Seeing the information first will give us a chance to review any errors that need to be corrected and it will let us know how we can help you enhance your credit rating. 

Club details:

  • When accessing your portal in the cloud you will be greeted with a video to guide you
  • Credit information page to educate yourself
  • Order your credit report
  • Resources to help you with credit related issues outside of our services
  • Disputing with the credit bureaus every 14 - 30 days on your behalf until your file is fully restored 
  • Back office portal with credit education and resources to aid you in your credit restoration journey
  • Messaging and portal upload so you can send all personal information securely
  • Credit monitoring of the work being done so you are kept up to date
  • Credit coaching on how to build your credit if needed (rich credit building tactics are provided as apart of your membership but we also do partner with other companies and for their services some enhancements will be sold separately)
  • Funding until we secure your agreement financing
For more information on why having great credit is so important visit the link below.

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